A prison cell

This was modeled with Maya and rendered with mental ray.  The goal was to make the scene calm and grim, while giving it something bright to draw the viewer in.

steel moai 2

A steel Moai

A model based on the Moai statues of Rapa Nui (also known as Easter Island because some white guy stumbled upon it on Easter).  The finish is a Blinn, rendered with mental ray.

Figure 4.32 the Mad Cow Dairy

A 2D cow

The cow is a polygon model, with the materials created with Maya’s “Toon” materials dropdown found on the Rendering Main Menu.  The color setting is 2; i.e., only two colors are allowed on the body of the cow, thus creating the 2D appearance.  The lettering was done within Maya under the Create > Text tool.

Image converted using ifftoany

A 2D stylistic effect with Maya

The bottle and the glass are made with the mental ray material mia_material_x.  The white fluid is an nDynamics effect.  The ray tracing was cranked up to wash out much of the 3D appearance of the bottle and the glass.


Man with snake hair

This image is just for fun…  I have been experimenting with the Wacom Bluetooth stylus on my iPad.

The iPad and similar Android devices (as well as the Microsoft Surface notebooks) have touch screens, but do not have pressure sensitive screens.  So, if you want to have pressure sensitivity when you draw, you need to use a stylus that senses when you press down (as opposed to the screen sensing the pressure); the stylus then sends a Bluetooth signal to the iPad.  The drawing application (in my case Adobe Sketchbook) catches this signal and makes the line you are drawing fatter.  (Of course, the app must be compatible with the Wacom pressure sensing Bluetooth protocol.)

It works great, with zero lag time!


A boy, Trix, and a car at the kitchen table

This was built with Maya and rendered with mental ray.  The goal was brightness and warmth, and a sense of being a voyeur in everyday life. The rendering took about fifteen minutes on an iMac with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX.  It’s the ray tracing of the directional light, shining in from the outside and lighting up the scene that took all the time.


The cabana with gold arches

This is a fantasy cabana, with a young family caught at the end of the day, thoughtful and calm.  With a quick materials change, we can be alchemists and change the stone arches to gold!  (See the cabana with stone arches a couple of postings ago in this blog.)